Sunday, September 23

Rose garden

Beautiful Sunday morning in the rose garden of Westbroek Park. So peaceful and quiet....On the picture, one of the 16 statues that stand there.

Looking for the history of the garden, I just read here (in Dutch) that two bunkers from WWII still stand somewhere around and are used as storage rooms for flowers in the winter! They have been hidden so well that I missed them this morning. Need to go back to look for them!

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Anonymous said...

I really liked your photo but I did like the story of the two hidden bunkers even more. I wonder who gets ownership of them? I would guess whose land they were made on gets them as their personal property.

I have started to post many photos taken in Sendai-shi on my new blog there. If you would like to see what Japan was like in 1953 take a look at the blog.