Monday, September 24

House on a bunker

After having missed the two bunkers yesterday in Westbroek Park, I had to post today the picture of this private house being built on top of another WWII bunker on the Badhuisweg in Scheveningen. You can see the expected end result here. Apparently, this was a munition bunker with 3m thick reinforced concrete walls, capable of resisting 750kg bombs. At the end of the war, it automatically became the property of the Dutch State, until it was privately bought in 2003. For the whole story in Dutch, click here.

I am very curious to know how a private person can buy a bunker (and for what price), and have the idea of building her own house on top of it. Also what do you imagine the dark room will be used for (recording studio, movie theater...)?


Anonymous said...

Hello. Thank you for commenting on my Sendai-shi blog. I appreciate that. I was just adding another photo when you were there.

I like your photo today. I also like the whole idea of being able to use the WWII bunker as part of the home.

You could use the bunker as a kind of climate zone as the temperature inside would probably stand around 57 degrees F. And it could also be used as a very large darkroom.

It would be possible to have many uses for it.

Thanks again.

Mike said...

What a great idea! Very soundproof I think.