Saturday, July 5

Rose festival 4

Here is my last rose pic for the month, my favorite red rose! If you happen to be in The Hague in the coming days, you'll need to pay a visit to Westbroek park, where the 48th International rose competition will take place on 10th July this year.

The Hague Daily Photo is going on holidays for 2 weeks, so I'll hope to see you here by 21st July!!!

Friday, July 4

Rose festival 3

Give it a try! Count the number of petals of those beautiful white roses! Check out how the white can be different!

Thursday, July 3

Rose festival 2

I loved the time I spent in the Rosarium yesterday, so I'll show you a couple of more shots. Together with deep red roses the pale rose and white are my favorites. You can actually vote for your favorite rose and deposit your vote in a glass box at the entrance of the park, and hope it will be chosen as the public's preferred choice.

Wednesday, July 2

Rose festival 1

The Rosarium in Westbroek Park just looks wonderful now. Equipped with a new 100mm macro lens, I've been trying to catch in the earl morning some of the beautiful roses that strews the grounds with their lovely colors. First experience of macro photography, which was without counting on the permanent Dutch winds!!!!

Tuesday, July 1

Month theme : "No...." sign

I wanted to post this sign for a while already, so when I got July month theme I knew exactly what I had to post!!! This dog sign stands in my street, chained to a tree! This is the only one of its kinds I found so far. I praised the person who had the clever idea to design it. My kids love it as well, as every time we walk by (and that is quite often), they feel obliged to explain again and again what it is meant for!!!!!

172 city blogs around the world are participating in this month's theme, and I'm very curious to get to discover other "no" signs!!!!

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