Thursday, July 3

Rose festival 2

I loved the time I spent in the Rosarium yesterday, so I'll show you a couple of more shots. Together with deep red roses the pale rose and white are my favorites. You can actually vote for your favorite rose and deposit your vote in a glass box at the entrance of the park, and hope it will be chosen as the public's preferred choice.


ptowngirl said...

This shot is just as beautiful as the one you took yesterday. It reminds me of a nice beautiful wedding!

Blognote said...

What a beatiful photo, Lezard!
I have just returned from The Hague and know the Rosarium very well.

babooshka said...

It's such a besutiful flora shot again. Lovely image.

cat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Penguin Five said...

Lovely delicate rose!

Jimmy said...

Wow! I love this one! Such loveliness in the picture - you did an amazing job! Thanks! :)

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