Thursday, May 8

Still in Muzee (see yesterday's post), you'll find this strange bathing machine in use about 1830 to 1920.

The description reads:
"The bather would enter the bathing machine, undress and put on a bathing costume. A horse pulled the coach into the sea to a depth of 70cm, the bather then enjoyed a dip in the water and after bathing he re-entered the coach. Then the horse pulled hte coach back up on the beach. During the bathing there was always supervisin by a "bath man" attendant". In case of affluence, people had to get a number to get on the waiting list.

Any idea of how we will be having a bath in the sea over 150 years?


Ineke said...

Haha, great post.
In 150 yrs the sea will be right there when you step out of your house Lezard. I live in one of the lowest parts of Rotterdam too so, so i will probably use a boat to get to work. We will have one gigantic Venice in the Netherlands.

Dick said...

Interesting post, very funny how they bather in those days.

FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

There was nothing machine-like in those bathing machines! Can you imagine having to go through all that to enjoy a swim?

Will we be here in 150 years? >8{

Anonymous said...

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