Friday, May 9


Just to finish on posting on MuZee Scheveningen (see the last 2 days posts), here is a pic of the last exhibition they showed on the first floor: "Remembering is life", an art project developed for senior people when during 6 workshops senior people had to paint on textile their most vibrant memories (favorite food as a child, self portrait, favorite flower etc....).

I found it very interesting, especially the fact that you realize that kids' drawings are not far away from drawings made by senior people. What about us in between? We just do not take the time to draw!!!!!


R&R in The Netherlands said...

Neat. I particularly like the leeuw!

FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

I haven't painted in such a long time... Six years, at least. Geez, I can't believe it's been that long and I do love to paint. Vade retro Internet!!!!!!!