Sunday, April 20

Sick trees

I spotted this open wound on this tree in the haagsche Bos the other day. Many trees in the city are suffering from this kind of haemorrhage caused by a new bacteria. The same sympoms have been reported around the country on chestnut trees, beech trees and maple trees. A specialised organisation is working on studying this bacteria and is trying to find a solution to this problem. So far, we regularly read in the local news that sick trees need to be cut down, a sad ending story.


Dick said...

O yes very sad, thousends of trees have been cut on Texel and probably thousends more will follow.

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

haha! smile ,
Lezard I was looking at a 'fly' or a bug on that tree or some blood (from tree of course), hmmm no way... About this chestnut trees and maple trees, what an interesting fact's are you dicribing here. Ever tasted the "maple leaf" taste? I did, not my tast really,

Have a good (rest) of the sunday evening, or what is left of it...
Thanks for your visit at my blog, The size of the 'fly' is my secret :)

JoAnn D-Eyes
(I don't know the size to be honest)

FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

Oh, crap. Sounds like the Dutch elm disease that devastated elms throughout Europe and North America hundred years ago, which was caused by a micro-fungus. I hope this one can be controlled.

Mo said...

Agreed, hopefully it will be resolved before it is to late.