Monday, April 21

Realism in the city

Everybody in The Hague knows the wall paintings situated on the back of a couple of houses next to The Hague HS train station. They have been painted by Hermanus Berserik (1921-2002), a local artist, member of the Royal academy of Arts, who lived in this neighborhood as a child. His paintings were very realistic; still lifes with nostalgic subjects, selfportraits, landscapes.


R&R in The Netherlands said...

Wonderful additions to brighten up the area (when I think of HS, I think of the belastingdienst!)

Thanks for your comments on our anniversary post, too!

Ineke said...

Very nice indeed.
Lezard, could i ask you a favor?
I am away as of Saturday for 5 days and in search of someone to 'push my buttons" (almost sounds obscene :))
Could you help me out?

Lezard said... I can't I'll be myself on holidays to Zeeland for a week, and do not think I'll be able to find an internet cafe where I'm going....We'll need to try another time.

kk said...

I really like this one, I see it everyday on the way to work!

Marisa Polin said...

When I pass by I always take a look to this wall painting. Strange but as I ask people not many of them even notice it!
Thanks for the post.
Marisa Polin

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