Sunday, April 6

Many horse carriages!

Do you want one of those? Click here, and you can have a brand new one for an average €3,000! I'm sure you never thought of this kind of leisure time! In case you wonder, the horses were resting, and the owners were having a big pancake for lunch in the nearby pancake house. This is in Meijendel of course, a favorite week-end destination if you live in The Hague!


Mary Helen said...

I wonder how the cost of a horse and the cost of gas compares...At least the air would be cleaner

Anonymous said...

This is a very nice photograph. It shows both man and beast take a break and that is so nice.

Did you ever see a tiny fly hanging on the edge of a honey bee's wing?

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio had a picture of one that he took.

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

See? That's why I love all things Dutch.

Lezard said...

Who knows Mary Helen? For sure we'll soon be back to 19th century transports should gas prices keep on rising!