Thursday, March 20

Little storks of The Hague

If you remember my stork serie last month, you'll know that the stork is the symbol the Hague. I found yesterday in a pastry shop in the Reinkenstraat a very nice small paper box containing some small very buttery cookies, called the "littles storks of the Hague". This small pastry has been created by the Hessing family who happens to be very famous for having created and baked several bread and pastry specialties for the city!


Anonymous said...

This is an interesting post. I love baked goods.

I hope you get to see my Brookville blog today. You can see me in my car on the Interstate going 65 mph. Wheeee!

Ineke said...

I know of haagse hopjes, but i had not heard of ooievaartjes. Are they any good?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you were in Reinkenstraat Lezard.

It's a very nice street to live in, although a little bust at times and there are plenty of good photos to be taken (I have hundreds since moving here a couple of years ago).



Lezard said...

This box is obviously now empty Ineke, and the cookies were very nice to have with a cup of tea, though very rich in butter (does anybody care?)

Peter, I like very much the area around Sweelinckplein, for the architecture and the nice small shops you can find.