Wednesday, February 27

Typical Dutch sky

This is a characteristic Dutch landscape (a polder outside The Hague) with a typical looming cloud-filled sky. Enjoy it!


Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

One day, our Dutch friends took us for a long walk. Suddenly, Paul stood there, with arms wide open and a big smile in his face. He said: This is Holland. Marvelous landscape, yes?" to what his lovely and witty wife added: "Marvelous, yes, let's go climb one of the mountains!" LOL. The three of us cracked up while Paul looked at us in disbelieve. He was so disappointed at us - his wife is very Dutch, too, but she's a city girl, like me. >8D

Re: real estate prices in Boston, the house I linked to is in a town in New Hampshire. The same tiny old house would cost at least $100,000 more in one of the cheaper areas of Boston (Mattapan, Roxbury, Dorcherster, South Boston).

However, the average price per square foot in Boston was $429 last year. (A 1,300 sq ft condo in the nicer areas of Boston will cost no less than $560,000).

Mo said...

Love those clouds

R&R in The Netherlands said...

Cool clouds. And a great story from Fenix.

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Um... Disbelief, that's the word... :)

Thanks R&R.

Lezard said...

Thanks Fenix for your anecdote! It also reminds me of the first time when my (Dutch) husband took me to the beach here, and said "Look at the beach, isn't it nice?" and then I responded "where is the blue sea?". Of course I was only used to my deep blue Mediterranean sea, and had never never seen the dark grey sandy waters of the North sea before! Having said that, I do miss the mountains as well! But that is the great thing of Europe, within an hour's flight, you end up in a completely different landscape!

J.C. said...

Cotton clouds ~ one of my fave subjects to shoot!!!

The composition is so simple, yet the clouds are able to draw one into the picture! Beautiful, indeed!