Thursday, February 28

Romantic rowboats

When is the last time you rented such a rowboat and dreamt of stopping the clock? Very picturesque setting for this post I shot in.......a kids' farm yesterday in Zoeterwoude, 20kms outside The Hague. At the end of the day, only the ducks were drifting away, everything else was quiet.


FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

When I almost drowned! Seriously. >8{

Ineke said...

Must have been chilly still.

Lezard said...

Fenix, hopefully you recovered! What happened? Stormy waters or dispair?
Ineke, it was not chill at all, just a beautiful, and unwindy end of the day (and not still, as 50 kids were still running around behind!!!!!)

J.C. said...

Look very serene.

I can't recall when I ride on a rowboat. But I do remember 3 years ago when my friends and I built a raft and paddle down a stream!! It was fun! My very first self-made raft made out of bamboos and tyres!!

George Townboy said...

Beautiful shot.

I have a Rowing merit badge from the Boy Scouts, lol!