Monday, January 21

Mitoraj in The Hague (2/2)

Moonlight (original Tsuki-no-hikari in Japanese) by Igor Mitoraj (1991) is one of my favorite sculptures in the city. It is fascinating to see this huge sculpture in the outside, overlooking the Boulevard in Scheveningen. It was originally created for the park in Abuta on Hokkaido. It is one of the highlights of the collection of the museum Beelden aan Zee ("Sculptures on the Sea"). For more photos on his work, refer to the link of yesterday's post.

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Fredrik Ekblad said...

Wow, what a sculpture and picture! This reminds me of a scene from a science fiction movie or something. The photo would probably be even more interesting at dusk or dawn, with smoother light and harder shadows. Just a tip. ;)
Thanks for your comment on my blog!