Sunday, January 20

Mitoraj in The Hague (1/2)

Igor Mitoraj is a very famous contemporary Polish artist who exposes at least two magnificent sculptures in The Hague, the one pictured on this shot and the Light of the Moon that I'll show tomorrow. His sculptural style is desbribed in Wikipedia as being "heavily rooted in the classical tradition with its focus on the well modelled torso. However, Mitoraj introduces a post-modern twist with ostentatiously truncated limbs emphasising the damage sustained by most genuine classical sculptures".

Should you want to see more of his works, just have a look on Flickr where today there are more than 1200 photos!!!


alice said...

Sorry, I have not been visiting your blog for a while and I was totally wrong! Your photos always are interesting and these series about storks amazing and funny! Have a nice week.

alice said...

"are always", it's Monday, bad day for my brain ;-)

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi Lezard,

Thanks for this great piece of work in The Hague, I also followed the link,I love it...

I also wanted to let you know, that I posted "frost nature" (because flu my flu haha!) You might like to see it,yu also might like to listen to the the music in combination with this nature..

Have a good week my dear

JoAnn from Holland