Monday, October 22

War memorial (1)

There are many war memorials in The Hague. This one stands on the Vondelstraat, and is a tribute to the Berger family who lived on that square and was on 16 May 1944 deported to Germany with 18 other Gipsy families from the Hague. 245 people left, only 30 came back.

I have been tagged today by Don from Everyday Rotterdam. Thanks Don!
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Here are 8 facts about me:
1. I have been lucky enough to live in Montpellier, Barcelona, Paris, London, Amsterdam and now The Hague!
2. I spent 6 months in Bogota (Colombia) as a student, and would never ever forget that time...
3. I usually do not answer to any chain tagging, but coming from my favourite community, I had to answer!!
4. I love cooking.
5. I love walking in the dunes in the early morning (when the sun is shining).
6. I am very new in photography, but love this way of communicating.
8. I would like to live in the mountains once.

Tagging have been going on for a while now, I was not sure I could came up with 8 names to tag, but I just managed! Here you are! Joann, Smilnsigh, Alice, Connie, Mountainboy, Gagah, Xana, and fenix!



Lezard, I thank you so much for visiting my blog. I do not do tags on the blog you visited but I have just started a new one and if you would be so kind as to go there I would love to take part in your tag. My new blog address is The letter say, our years as a tale that is told. They are all written together. Or you can go to my family links in the blog that you visited and it is listed as A TALE THAT IS TOLD. I am sorry that I am not able to do it on Connies-thoughts but I try to keep that one on a very serious note. Thanks for understanding and I am so pleased that you tagged me. connie from Texas

I want to take a look at your blog while I am here. It looks very interesting. connie

Xana said...

Thank you for visiting Figueira da Foz. I am really so sorry but I will have to decline your kind tag invitation (is just that I do not enjoy particularly this tag things!).

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Lezard<

I did not know that this memorial was standing at the Vondelstraat, so that good to know thanks Lezard!

Hmmm lucky me,
I've been tagged by you! haha! Well thankyou and I will answer 8 questions (btw what questions?) about myself, I can follow your footsteps, and tag 8 other people, Maybe I post first my Sicilian photo's if that allright with you? I'll see how I manage....

Greetings :) JoAnn

Marie said...

This is a very strange memorial. What does it represent?

Mountainboy said...


Love the memorial - very moody.

Such a coincidence but seconds before I looked at your blog I started to listen to a tune called Gypsy by Oi Va Voi... strange!

smilnsigh said...

A very evocative photo. I'm glad The Netherlands remembers. So few do, today.

We were privileged to visit Amsterdam many years ago. We had a lovely time and everyone was so very, very kind to us. Simply because we were American and they remembered WWII. We were so surprised and touched.

Oh my! A tag! I have an awful time coming up with replies to these things. But you were very sweet to tag me. :-)


don said...

Thanks for your support of my blog. Woow i just lived only in Holland :)