Sunday, June 8

Flag day 2008

It was extremely busy yesterday in Scheveningen, when 250,000 visitors made it to the harbour to celebrate the 2008 edition of Vlaggetjesdag (Flag day), which celebrates the arrival of the "new" Dutch herring. Hollandse Nieuwe is the name given to young herring caught between mid-May and the end of June with a body fat of at least 16%. The fish are gutted and salted but the pancreas containing an enzyme which helps the fish to ripen is left in place. The first barrel of new herring was auctioned for charity last Tuesday, raising €55,000. The barrel was bought by online restaurant guide Iens.

Here one of the 100 fishes from the presentation of 100 kinds of fish caught in the North Sea. One had to evaluate the overall weight to win some prizes.


Ineke said...

If you want to see me eat a herring, come take a look tomorrow.
Do you eat the Hollandse Nieuwe?

Jimmy said...

Ugh. Those fishes are quite scary. No, seriously.

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