Tuesday, May 6

The Hague, cultural capital...in 2018 (maybe)

This was my intended post for the month theme on "Numbers".

The Hague has set its sights on becoming a European Capital of Culture for ...... 2018 with a new International Dance and Music Centre on the Spuiplein. The Netherlands and Malta will each have a turn in 2018 to supply a European Capital of Culture, which shows off the richness of European culture. Dutch cities wishing to make a bid for the title have to submit their plans to the national government by October 2012. If you want to know what it means for a city to be a European Capital of Culture, then click here. In 2009, Vilnius is the capital city.


Ineke said...

I've heard about the new plans and all the fuss they are causing.
Rotterdam has been cultural capital a couple of years back and it was nice to have the city cleaned up for a year :)

Kris McCracken said...

Do you think that you'll get the title?

Lezard said...

I'm not sure whether they will get through it, though I hope it very much. As Ineke rightly says, it will improve the outlook of the city (cleanliness, number of events...). It has wonderful museums, and very good art performances, so who knows? Rotterdam and Amsterdam have already been on the list so the Hague may come next!