Sunday, May 25

Elegant shopping in the Bonneterie

Maison de Bonneterie is an elegant store in the centre that carries exclusive men's and women's fashions and a cast of brand-name household goods and personal items. It is a multi brand fashion store with an accent on luxury and tradition. Until today, Bonneterie has remained a family business.

The main shop is located in Amsterdam. I found on a touristic Amsterdam website the history behind the name: "At its beginning in 1889, Bonneterie has been established in by a couple Joseph Cohen and Rosa Wittgenstein as shop with hosiery(mainly stockings), in the times when it must have been a crucial piece of ladies clothing. Bonneterie run personally by Rosa Wittgenstein, had an enormous success. In 1913, the present building of the Bonneterie has been built. Designed by a then known Dutch architect A.Jacot, with an interior in the style of Louis XVI, an imposing staircase and a glass roof. Soon after, the second Bonneterie shop in The Hague has been opened, again with an imitating the palace of Louvre interior".


marta said...

I recently found your blog and I am really enjoying it. My company used to have an office right around the corner from Maison de Bonneterie so today's post brought back many memories.

I really love the pictures and the history of the buildings. Thank you for the interesting posts.

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

lovely store this is, I also saw it in Utrecht a while ago, like the time (for woman fashion) , but worth looking at. :0

How are you doing?
In about a week from now I'm 'under the knife' (oeperated).

But always enjoying everything with photography no matter what circumstances.

Still like your blog!

Lezard said...

Thanks to both of you for your nice comments. It is not always easy to keep the momentum to find (and post) some interesting story everyday. You are helping me!!!!

Anonymous said...

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