Monday, April 14


The Haagse Duinwaterleiding company (DWL, now DZH) began to collect drinkable water from the dunes surrounding the Hague in 1874. The construction of this 49 meter high water tower dates back from that year. It was designed by L.A.Brouwer in the NeoRenaissance style. It stands on the list of national monuments and historical places.

It was renovated not long ago, and is still in use. The sign on top of the tower is still the landmark of DZH company.

If you've always wanted to know how a water tower works, then you must read this.


Tanya said...

What a beautiful water tower. Put's ours to shame over here!

FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

Yes, it's a gorgeous structure. Thanks for that very interesting link!