Friday, April 11

Safe coast

Zirfaea is one of the ten ships owned by the Ministery of public works. The complete fleet of the north sea can be looked at on this page. She is a 63 meter long boat used to investigate the seabed, measure the waves, inspect pipelines, detect wrecks of the sea, etc... It is also used if containment in oil spills. It is also equipped with ROHP II, an underwater robot needed for all kinds of inspection ant taking of samples from the seabed. It must be very interesting to visit this kind of boat and understand how they work.


Kris McCracken said...

Interesting colours on this boat, you've captured them very nicely. Thanks for sharing it, and thanks for the link to, it really gives the reader a richer sense of the image.

R&R in The Netherlands said...

With the shipping industry so prevalent here, this must be an important ship.
On another matter, we love Haarlem too & I answered your question in the comment of yesterday's post.