Wednesday, April 9

Nice and warm terrace

I found this terrace outside the Carlton Beach Hotel on the seaside of Scheveningen. It was in the middle of the afternoon, which is probably why there was nobody sitting there. Have a look at the terrace heaters placed on the wall, they are working and a proof that the weather keeps being very cold!


FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

I could spend hours on that patio.

Weather is weird in your part of the world, isn't it? You had a mild winter and now a cold spring. Actually, a couple of years ago we had to wear coats when we visited the Keukenhof (on the first week of May!) and it wouldn't stop raining. No complaints, though, for we were in heaven. :)

Ineke said...

Looks like a lovely place and the kitchen stays open late!

Lezard said...

Ineke, you are right, I have been struggling to find a proper restaurant open later than 22PM in The Hague to have dinner after a concert or theatre! The only one I found so far is a Chinese restaurant in the centre. Obviousy it looks a bit easier in the summer on the beach....Still need to check weather their food offer is wider than a couple of snacks!

Fenix, I'll probably go to the Keukenhof this year and will bring you back some (nice) flower pics!