Monday, March 31

The Kurhaus

This luxury hotel has a rich history that dates back to 1818. That year Jacob Pronk built a wooden building on a dune near the sea, from where people could bathe from 4 separate rooms. It marked the start of Scheveningen as a bathing place. Since then, Scheveningen has attracted numerous tourists from all over Europe, notably from Germany. Here you can read about all the development steps that mark the building of this monument. It now takes a central place on the promenade of Scheveningen.

More photos can be found on the hotel website, especially in the history section.


Nathalie said...

Spectacular hotel!

I enjoyed learning about the "50 facts about the Hague" booklet and I look forward to learning more through your photos (and translations!!!)

Ineke said...

The last time if visited the kurhaus, it was a bit dodgy although i admit that it was about 10 yrs ago. Have you been there recently?

Rafa said...

Looks like a small palace.

Great picture