Wednesday, February 20

Skyline II

Here is a photo of the skyline of The Hague from the beach. In the foreground an old (still in use) water tower built in 1874, when the water company began exploiting fresh water from the dunes surrounding Scheveningen. In the middle distance, some of the new high-rise office buildings in the city centre.


Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

What's the flagged little turret off to the left, do you know?

I've been meaning to ask you, will your husband be staying in Boston proper?

lyliane said...

Est ce bien Den Hague, capitale administrative de la Hollande? je connais bien ce littoral, j'y suis encore venue pendant la canicule c'était merveilleux, pas trop de monde, la chaleur et les superbes plages.

Lezard said...

Fenix, I have no idea what the small tower on the left refers to. I'll have to cycle there once!!

Lyliane, Il s'agit bien de La Haye, The Hague, Den Haag..... et quand le soleil pointe son nez, le littoral est en effet extremement agreable.

Olivier said...

cette skyline est très belle, surtout avec ce vieux Water Tank que je trouve très beau
this skyline is very nice, especially with this old Water Tank that I think very nice