Monday, February 4

Colombia: March against the FARC

Today was the first massive demonstration against the FARC that took place around the world, and here in The Hague for the Netherlands. FARC, or the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, is a guerrilla Marxist group that has fought the Colombian government for over four decades, the longest insurgency in Latin America. It holds over 750 hostages.

This movement was launched early January by users of Facebook. Dubbed "A Million Voices Against the FARC'' marchers are taking to the streets in 27 cities in Colombia and around 150 worldwide. Having lived in Colombia during my student time, I am of course fully supporting the movement.


FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

Yes! Excellently cause!

R&R in The Netherlands said...

The holiday news about the hostages helped bring this story to light once again, but it seems to fade into the background quickly. Amazing how strong facebook is here.

Re: Images photo club, email me at and I'll send you some info; I will be at the next meeting (12.2).

Fernando said...

Gracias por su apoyo, realmente necesitamos que quienes apoyan este grupo se den cuenta que no estamos con ellos, tenemos problemas, si, pero las FARC no son la solucion. GRACIAS

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi , its a pity indeed that there are still over a 750 hostages I feel pity for them!

Aturdido y Confuso said...

Saludos desde Colombia

Lezard said...

Thanks all for your comment, let's hope they find a peaceful solution to this major issue in this country.

Fernando & Aturdido,
Gracias por visitar este blog, Colombia quedara siempre en mi corazon.