Monday, February 11

Atlantic wall

These 2 bunkers are part of a bunkercomplex North of Scheveningen on the Noorderstrand which was built during WWII and form part of the Atlantic wall. The German Atlantikwall was built by the German occupation forces in the period 1941-1944 along the coasts of France, Channel Islands, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Denmark. The main goal was to prevent allied landings on the shores of these countries. During this period a total of 14.000 heavy, concrete bunkers were built.

On this picture you can see an "open gun platform" on the left and a "671Sk" bunker on the right. Most of the bunkers lays under the sand. There are plans to establish an Atlantikwallmuseum in these bunkers. If you are interested in looking at other pictures of WWII sites, then you should visit this website.

You cannot go too close to them as they are now housing some rare species of small brown bats that are protected!


Matthieu said...

SPAM is everywhere ...

You may have a look at my series about WW2 heritage in Normandy namely in the surroundings of Cherbourg (France), not so far from the Hague area :)

Atlantic wall ww2 said...

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