Wednesday, January 23

"La Grande Dame"

Hotel des Indes is a famous landmark of The Hague. It was built in 1858, as the residence of Baron Van Brienen, the personal adviser to King William III and became a hotel in 1881. Many famous people stayed there, so as tsar Nicolas ll from Russia and Winston Churchill. It reopened two years ago after a long renovation. It is actually a nice place to go at night for a drink, the bar and lounge areas are very cosy (it is decorated by Jacques Garcia, the famous interior decorator from some of the best Parisian fashion places (Hotel Costes, Fouquets, Laduree, Hotel des Beaux-arts...). For those interested in his style, head for le Champ de Bataille (in French), a castle he acquired in Normandy (France) that he is restoring and that you can also visit 6 months a year.


Ineke said...

The serve a very good high tea!
Please come on over to rotterdamdailyphoto to pick up your award !

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi Lezard,
nice ephoto of hoel des indes, Brings back some good memories to me..

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