Thursday, January 17

Gin from The Hague (and another stork!)

Van Kleef is a very nice shop in the Lange Beestenmarkt in the centre. For the Dutch website, click here. In 1842, Lambertus Theodorus van Kleef set up a factory of fine liqueurs and bitters, which closed its doors in 1986. The shop reopened in 1995 and is now also used as a tasting/reception location.

That's the good thing about writing this blog: first make pictures, then try to find out the history "behind the scene". In this case, I found out that a museum is also hiding behind the shop, so I'll definitely go there to discover some of the best gins of the city!

Last but not least, the stork is painted on the door, so I'm getting on with this theme this week!!!!!


Steffe said...

It's always fun to learn new things about ones city. Remember to bring the camera when you re-visit!

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi I also like the 3wheelbike ("bakfiets") in front of the store, nice old building and the history is great too.