Friday, January 25

Dudok pastry

Dudok is a famous brasserie in The Hague, located in a former bank, which is particular popular for afternoon snacks and tea. Its legendary apple pie (full of cinnamon, and served with homemade whip cream) is so famous that other restaurants proudly include it on their own menus (at a much higher price of course!). In Dudok's brasserie you can order a piece cold or warm, with or without sweetened whipcream or you can take a complete pie home with you.

Bon appetit!!!

NB: Thanks to Ineke from Rotterdam Daily Photo who tagged me yesterday for the "Make my day" award. Nice to see a new Rotterdam daily blog in the DCP community!!!

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'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi lezard, My house here in Naarden is from DUDOK (architect)style also, what a funny co-incident...