Wednesday, December 5

"Open" jail

This is the entrance to a very special part of the main prison of the Hague (the same compound holds one United Nations Detention Unit where _suspected_ war criminals are detained (Charles Taylor, the late Milosevic. Do not forget that The Hague is called the "legal capital of the world" and houses many international legal organizations such as International Criminal Court, the Yugoslav Tribunal, etc...).

As you can see on that picture, the door is open!!!! This is the POI or "Penitentiair Open Inrichting", which means the "Open" prison. Prisoners with less than 5 months to go can be offered this opportunity as a way to accelerate their re-insertion into normal life: they work or study during the day, have to be back inside by 10pm, and are allowed to go home in the weekend.


R&R in The Netherlands said...

I've always wondered whether this portal is in use. I've only been by it at night, when it is lit (and closed).

Re:Gouda, it makes a nice getaway in summer, too, if you can get to the nearby Reeuwijk lakes.

Anonymous said...

I walked in there once on my first backpacking trip and to my surprise there were about 20 people sitting the courtyard through the door. I talked to them for about 20 minutes. It was a little bit scary actually. Interesting experience