Wednesday, December 12

Nicest shopwindow of The Hague

This is the very nice shopfront of the Zwennes family business. It is since 1905 located on the Brouwersgracht. The unique glass fronts are the work of an old glazier, De Wolf (set up in 1843, bankrupt in 1966). The bricks on the facade are entirely covered with glass, advertising for stoves, heaters, cookers, kitchen articles, but also prams and buggies (see the drawings)!


FĂ©nix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

That's a very nice and unusual storefront.

Today I published my last 2007 post. I'm off to warmer climes for a few weeks, Lezard. I'll be back around mid Jan.

Wishing you warm and happy holidays and a promising and exciting New Year. :)

'Through-JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Very nice house and area the Brouwersgracht is, I love the old names.