Saturday, December 15

LightArt Kijkduin (1/2)

Since 1 December (and until the end of January), you can enjoy this wonderful installation of 162 light balls of different sizes (from 0,5m to 1m) placed along the beach boulevard in Kijkduin. This is the second year it happens. I have to say, it gives the beach a bit of a lunar landscape, but is very enjoyable to see.


Pat said...

Gorgeous! I thought at first it was balloons!


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'Through-JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi Lezard,
Thanks for telling me, now I really have to see this!!!! You make me want to go to see my town The hague, I never have seen this before! How come you know all this?

I also red that you are going back to paris soon, well I hope you will make (for me?) lots of photo's from 'for example' the Lafayette and other buidings, they seems to have many christmas lightnings, are you celebratings oldyears eve in Paris?

Please look at my blog I am showing my alternative (personal) Xmas decorations..

Antonia said...

wonderful art idea and nice photo! cheers!

Jackie said...

I really like this picture - what an amazing installation! I'd love to see it.

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