Tuesday, November 27

Here they are!!!

The three angels are hooked on the facade of the "Het Van Kinderen Museum" that opened in March 2004 and is located in an old school building on the corner of the Elandstraat and de Waldeck Pyrmontkade. I think the angels stand from the time when pupils were studying there and symbolize art, technics and graduation. The museum itself is very nice as it designed by and for children.

The building itself dates back around 1907, and was also used as a girls school, and later as a squat. It now houses, apart from the museum, the Grote pyr foundation and a restaurant.


R&R in The Netherlands said...

You've got a great eye to have seen the figures! Strangely enough, I just met someone working on renovating space in that building as a loft.

Curly said...

We used to have a girls school just like that until a few years ago!