Tuesday, November 6

The fountain is back!

Oupssss...... Missed you all for a week. I ended up last week in the Northern part of Holland in a hotel resort claiming to have a business centre with no internet connection whatsoever..... Anyway, I have now some catch up to do!!

Since 6 September 2007, people can admire once again in the Binnenhof the beautiful fountain from Pierre J.H. Cuypers (architect of the Rijksmuseum and the Central station in Amsterdam), which has just been renovated. The fountain was placed in 1885 in the Binnenhof as a tribute to the founder of the Binnenhof, Count William II. The fountain was then presented internationally as an example of Dutch wrought iron craftsmanship. Here, one of the gargoyles (I love this word!).

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smilnsigh said...

Gargoyles! I love gargoyles.

This one is a very different looking one. So he is very unique, among gargoyles.