Wednesday, November 14

Dear William,

This is a nice statue of Willem I, prince of Orange, Count of Nassau, who was also called "William the Silent" (Dillenburg 1533-Delft 1584). He was the main leader of the Dutch revolt against the Spanish that set off the Eighty Years' War and resulted in the formal independence of the United Provinces in 1648. This led to him to be known as the Father of the Dutch nation. This statue was placed here in 1848. On the right leg of the prince, we can see his faithful dog, who saved once his master's life from being killed. If you want to see the Prince's grave in Delft, I refer you to a previous post from Wassenaar Daily Photo here.

The square (Het Plein) used to be a big vegetable garden laying behind the Binnenhof. Now there are many cafes and restaurants.

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Isadora said...

Thank you for the history lesson. That is someone I've never heard about.