Tuesday, October 16

Next canal

To complete yesterday's post, here is the main view of the wider "Bierkade" canal, which prolongs the "Dunne Bierkade". The main boat in the front is called the Hendrina Johanna (26m long * 4,15m wide). It was built in 1905, and has been restored and is now being used by the Ooievaart association. Between May and October you can tour on this boat and discover the main canals of The Hague.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lezard,

Congrats on a great idea for a blog. The daily photo is a good read.

As another expat in The Hague (and also keen photog), I hope you don't mind if I head back regularly (I also have a blog at http://www.peterstacey.com if you want to look).