Wednesday, September 26

Tuk Tuk invasion

Since 1 June 2007, this is not an uncommon view in The Hague! Tuk tuks have been competing with trams and taxis to get a share of the commuting transport in the city!! Rather fun. I even spotted a "Just married" white one last week racing through the centre!


JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi The Hague girl,
I hearde about the TUCTUC 's in the hague (the should be called TUKTUK) , The The hague's people decided to call them TUCTUC, did you now that?

Be welcome to visit my Dutch/English blog, I was born in The Hague.

Greeting from JoAnn

Lezard said...

Joann, I have seen both tof them in The Hague....Some are actually sponsered I believed by the TUCTUC snack brand, the others are called TUKTUK!!!!!!!

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...


do vehicles need a licence plate
(registration plate/ number plate)
in the front in The Hague? I see
the blue Merc van next to the TukTuk
has one, but not the TukTuk.

I take it that "Te Huur" means
"For Hire".